Who’s this guy anyway?

In the corporate world, my path revolved around process improvement and the customer journey in the financial sector. This experience shapes every decision I make in business. I have a deep desire to make the world a better place and determine success through those I can help.

Whether I’m helping you buy/sell a home, hosting you at one of our rentals, or managing a rental for you, my focus is always on how to make the experience better for you. You deserve nothing short of someone who wants to create win-wins.

I will always be in your corner and you won’t come out with a bloody nose.

Need someone who truly loses sleep to make sure you get everything you deserve, not just speaks meaningless words? That’s me and I can promise it’s not just a platitude. I’ve gotten that line myself with no action behind it. I always strive to be transparent, live with integrity, and improve through feedback.

In those brief moments I’m not helping others, you’ll probably catch me with my family out finding adventures unless my wife has me doing another project on our 1890 historic home. When I have a moment to myself, you can find me in the kitchen crafting new flavors on the stove. Trying to win me over? I’m a sucker for a delicious ‘old fashion’ drink.

P.S. Please excuse my dad jokes. Sometimes they come out before I realize what I’m saying.

As you may have gathered, I love people so come on over and say ‘hi’!