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Working from home with kids – “Guys, I’m on a call”

Pre-covid the daily routine was well rehearsed. I was commuting to the DTC area for work, the kids were going to their school campuses, and Shannon was mostly working from home. Other than the dogs, Shannon was able to have a nice quiet house to work her 9-5 and our hustle. Kids would come home in the afternoon and I would get home at dinnertime. Every day was perfectly choreographed. 

Early March, as news of COVID-19 began to spread, my company started a Covid task force and I was voluntold to be on it. Being a part of this task force allowed me to better understand and appreciate the seriousness of what was going on in the world, and how it would rapidly begin to change our lives. 

We started to put in place strategies that would allow us to migrate two offices located in Colorado and California with a total of about a 1000 employees to work from home. This was both profession level and customer service folks. We had a small workforce at home and were developing a plan for more, Covid caused that plan to quickly accelerate. 

Over the course of three weeks my team and I transitioned these employees from office to home. This required precision coordination to ensure that the customers and stores we serve would not be negatively impacted by this massive undertaking. 

To our surprise, we only experienced a minor slump in our key performance metrics during this move! If only that minor bump felt the same in my personal life. While everyone is adjusting, it hasn’t been without tears and copious amounts of ice cream.

Life looks different, we are all at home either in school or working. My workstation on any given day could be the dining room table, the couch, or the chair on the front porch. I’ve learned to become adaptable as our needs have changed and will stay this way indefinitely.

The advantages of working from home during Covid are being together throughout the day, something as simple as cooking breakfast, or going on a mid-day walk that otherwise would not have been possible if we weren’t all at home. It’s been fun to teach the kids life skills they otherwise wouldn’t have been around to experience.

Don’t get me wrong, as much as I love my family there are days where it becomes increasingly difficult to get work done, or even find a semi-quiet place to take a conference call. Did I mention we have workers coming and going helping us renovate our historic home too? Kids, dogs, saws, and the occasional motorcycle driving by sure makes my trigger finger faster and faster to hit the mute button.

The pros have outweighed the cons on any given day. For now I’ll accept that my dogs may bark on a conference call, switch workstations on the fly, or pause my day to walk with my wife in our historic Pueblo neighborhood. No longer do I have to drive nearly 2 hours to work, instead I get to spend that time with my favorite people (and pets).

2020 has been a year for the history books already and we’re not even at the end. I try to treasure each day, love my family, and embrace the beautiful chaos that makes life feel real.

How has COVID-19 changed your day-to-day? What’s one good thing that you’re thankful for?