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Sustainable Ranch Working with Mother Nature

Episode 18 – Adrienne Larrew

Dan Lorenz and Adrienne Larrew – Owner/Operators at Corner Post Meats

“There are so many people right now who think that giving up meat is the way to a healthier planet and there’s so much media narrative around that. We are kind of disproving that in saying, you can have a very healthy habitat, even help the earth because you have livestock there and then you get amazing meat that you get to eat off of it.” – Adrienne

“Animals in balance with nature are amazingly beneficial to nature.” – Adrienne

In this episode of the Wake-Up Colorado Podcast, our guest is Adrienne Larrew, owner and operator of Corner Post Meats. Her company offers mindfully raised meats from their ranch in Black Forest, made from sustainable grazing, clean water, open areas, and plenty of sunshine. Adrienne shares her knowledge in taking care of animals to provide good quality meat and the unique land arrangement with the Audubon Society.

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Connecting People to the Arts and Culture

Episode 17 – Andy Vick

Andy Vick – Executive Director Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region
Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region

“It’s connecting residents and visitors to arts and culture in the Pikes Peak region.” – Andy

“We have to make sure that people know that arts and culture have a role to play within the overall community.” – Andy

“It’s our job as the cultural office here to be the anchor, as best we can for as many artists and arts organizations in the community.” – Andy

In this episode of the Wake Up Colorado Podcast, our guest is Andy Vick. He is the Executive Director of the Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region, a non-profit, local arts agency whose mission is to connect residents and visitors with arts & culture to enrich the Pikes Peak region. Andy has extensive project management capabilities, strong financial skills, a history of accomplishments in marketing, development, and human resources, and is an excellent public speaker and written communicator.

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Third Busiest Colorado Airport Isn’t Where You Think

Episode 16 – Greg Pedroza

Greg Pedroza

“It takes people to care about what’s going on and getting involved to keep us moving forward in the right direction.” – Greg

“If I had that magic wand that everybody’s looking for, and I can get my vision for Pueblo in instant reality, we would see multiple airlines go into multiple cities.” -Greg

In this episode of the Wake-Up Colorado Podcast, our guest is Greg Pedroza. He is the Interim Director of Aviation at City of Pueblo – Dept. of Aviation. Greg started out as an entry-level city employee on the airport’s operations and maintenance team and worked his way up to Interim Director at Pueblo Memorial Airport. Today, Greg discusses airlines, aviation operations, and managing a commercial use airport.

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Holistic Regenerative Farm Growing Generational Investments

Episode 15 – Josh and Nick Wagner

The Wagner Family out on Nola Naturals Farm in Avondale, CO

“What we’re applying and what we’re trying to do isn’t just for us to benefit right now. It’s so that many other people after I’m old, and all that, it’s still here” – Nick

“You’re reacting a lot when it comes to dealing with nature.” – Josh

“We can take all those lessons, the good stuff, and the bad stuff and either apply or not apply. There’s still so much we have to learn, but all we can do is get up every day and try and do it right.” – Nick

In this episode of the Wake-Up Colorado Podcast, our guests are Josh and Nick Wagner of Nola Natural Farms. Both Josh and Nick started out in the culinary world and Nick then became interested in raising poultry and so began their journey of creating their pastured poultry operation for the last 7 years. They believe that growing their own food is essential to feeding their entire family. They’ve also opened their home to the community to educate people and share their life experiences.

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New Life for Historic Pueblo Building Fueled by Iron Will

Episode 14 – Nathan Stern and Zach Cytryn

Nathan Stern and Zach Cytryn
“One amazing thing about Pueblo is its incredibly cohesive community. We see the opportunity to help fill in the gaps of the food systems in Pueblo to help make it the world-class food city. That’s our goal.” – Nathan

“We raised money for an organization that hired restaurant employees who lost their jobs. Giving work to people who need it the most, and then doing something to really help the community and give meals to others who lost their jobs during Covid who don’t know where their next meal is coming from.” – Zach

In this episode of the Wake Up Colorado Podcast, our guests are Nathan Stern and Zach Cytryn, Real Estate Associates and founders of the Fuel & Iron Project. Zach grew up wanting to be a real estate broker, while Nathan focused on real estate in grad school. Zach and Nathan met each other at the same commercial brokerage and developed camaraderie which amplified each other’s strengths in helping their clients in the food and beverage industry.

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Performing Arts and Entertainment Venues Comeback Story

Episode 13 – Dot Lischick

Dot Lischick

“Technology changes all the time. It’s how you connect with people and letting them know what’s going on – mouth, mail, print, or postcards – still works today. It’s finding the method that reaches the person.” – Dot

“Seeing the happy faces when people leave, making memories, and enjoying what we have done for them is memorable for me.” – Dot

In this episode of the Wake Up Colorado Podcast, our guest is Dot Lischick, General Manager for the Broadmoor World Arena, Ice Hall and Pikes Peak Center. Since the inception of the arena, Dot witnessed and spearheaded its humble beginnings until it rose to what it is today. The arena hosts different events and is deeply involved with its community.

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Singer-songwriter Creates Music that Resonates with All of Us

Episode 12 – Tyler Stanfield

Tyler Stanfield

“Every song that I’ve written that I’ve actually put on “paper” is from personal experiences. It’s a way for me to deal with those experiences.” – Tyler

“It’s got to be deliverable; it’s got to be meaningful; it’s got to be impactful; it’s got to be worth it, but still be able to get out that art and those messages that you’re trying to do.” – Tyler

“Touring is always hard. It’s always tough, but it’s worth it in the end.” – Tyler

In this episode of the Wake Up Colorado Podcast, Kevin and her 17-year-old daughter, Cozette, interviews Tyler Stanfield. From classical piano to the electric guitar, Tyler is one of the many musicians from Denver, Colorado that displays incredible talent. He has a solo project which is more of acoustic rock, Americana sound, that is currently working on new songs. On top of that he has another project called Fools To Lie, a hard rock band.

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Women Owned Cleaning Company with Massive Vision for the Future

Episode 11 – Julie Logan

Julie Logan

“I think I just enjoy being a role model and a leader and continuing to try and be a better employer.” – Julie

“Have a game plan from the beginning around your finances. And understanding how to keep good paper trails of all of your finances for you to get a loan for you to get any kind of extra help. You’re gonna need somebody to look down at your finances.” – Julie

In this episode of the Wake Up Colorado Podcast, our guest is Julie Logan, co-owner of Integrity Cleaning Services. Julie grew up working at her parent’s laundromats and her mom in particular inspired her entrepreneurial spirit at a young age. Now she leads and motivates a team of 12 cleaning professionals all while managing and caring for her own family.

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Meet Your Hosts

Episode 10 – Kevin and Shannon Baird

From Left to Right: Kevin with Greta (Standard Poodle), Adalyn, Cozette, Vahn, Shannon, and Chandlur with Mitzi (Standard Poodle)

“Finding a passion for investing and working with investors and the hospitality and the short-term rental aspect of it has been really, really fun.” – Shannon

“Everything that we do is from the perspective of seven generations. Every choice that we make every day, good or bad, affects the next seven generations. We want to make sure that we help other people to positively impact their next seven generations.” – Shannon

“We’re big dreamers in our life and big goal setters.” – Shannon

In this special episode of the Wake Up Colorado Podcast, Kevin and Shannon are in the hot seat and are interviewed by their four children! Now it’s their turn to ask them questions they’re curious about and some questions that Kevin and Shannon ask their own guests.

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Unique Coffee Creations and Their VW Bus

Episode 9 – Daniel and Vicy Stone

Daniel and Vicy Stone

“in many cultures, it’s used in different rituals and to help bring people together, which in our culture today it still brings people together.” – Vicy

“I’ve never seen such a long line in all of my years as a barista, it was very humbling. And I can’t even express my gratitude for the community for showing up like that.” – Vicy

In this episode of the Wake Up Colorado Podcast, our guests are Daniel and Vicy Stone founders of The Sacred Bean, a unique mobile coffee shop. Daniel and Vicy share their start-up story, the challenges they faced, and plans for the future. Vicy’s artistic coffee creations have generated social media buzz and have a following of coffee fans waiting to try her latest flavors!