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Fastest Growing Sport in the US is Thriving in Colorado Springs

Episode 8 – Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson

“The game is easy for beginners to learn and much easier than tennis.”

“All are welcome to learn and enjoy this great sport. The more people from all walks of life that we include, the better we all become.”

-Joe Johnson

In this episode of the Wake Up Colorado Podcast, our guest is Joe Johnson President of PPPA (Pikes Peak Pickleball Association). In 2016, Joe discovered pickleball while on a biking activity with his wife where pickleball players invited them to play. Joe is now in his second term as President of the Pikes Peak Pickleball Association and shares all about his organization, pickleball, and how Covid affected the sport.

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Her Journey of Recovery Leads to Service in the Salvation Army

Episode 7 – Brett Harrison

Brett Harrison

“We want to provide as many services as possible for people to help themselves instead of doing things for them.”

“isolation is the worst thing for someone in any sort of recovery.”

“loving people until they can love themselves.”

-Brett Harrison

In this episode of the Wake Up Colorado Podcast, our guest is Brett Harrison. She is a PR and Marketing Director for the Salvation Army in Colorado Springs. Sixteen years in the restaurant industry pushed her towards achieving her degree in marketing. After managing events and implementing community-based marketing in a variety of restaurants, she finally landed on her dream job which is Marketing and Public Relations for a non-profit organization.

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Pueblo Museum – A Founding Families Legacy

Episode 6 – Deb Darrow

“It’s really important to know your history. If you know your history, that’s kind of where you start to get sort of jazzed up about it.”

“Volunteering is one of the best ways to meet people.”

-Deb Darrow

In this episode of the Wake Up Colorado Podcast, our guest is Deb Darrow. She made her way to Rosemount 100% on a fluke. She has a Journalism Major and worked as a newspaper reporter and a communications person. By luck, the Rosemount Museum was looking for a new director with communication skills to work with marketing and public relations. One thing led to another, and Deb became the Executive Director of Rosemount Museum. Today, Deb shares all about Rosemount Museum, its history, and how you can help preserve the history of your community for generations to come.

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Mission of Caring for Pets in Pueblo

Episode 5 – Sam Biondolillo

Sam and Cindy Biondolillo

“Pets does not have a concept of the past or the future, they live for the moment. I hope we can learn from that and it’s up to us to make that for them—as awesome as it can be.” – Sam

In this episode of the Wake Up Colorado Podcast, our guest is Sam Biondolillo. Living his life loving animals with his wife, Cindy, they built Pueblo’s Best Pet Care. Sam wanted animals to have a haven, to take care of them in the best possible way. As one of the advisory board members for bringing new industry to corrections, he oversaw research in a dog training facility where he found his life-long mission. After taking an early retirement to pursue his mission, Sam and Cindy are on a journey to bring tender-loving care for animals. Today, Sam shares his love for animals, their stories, and how to be an excellent pet owner.

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Mom, Wife, and Cultivator of Great Places

Episode 4 – Sarah Humbargar

Sarah Humbargar

“I always knew that investing in real-estate would be important for me and in my financial journey.” – Sarah

In this episode of the Wake Up Colorado Podcast, our guest is Sarah Humbargar. Growing up inspired watching her father meeting the tenants with their one rental property, Sarah embarked on the journey following his footsteps. She has a breadth of experience in multiple industries including working in a civil engineering firm, as an owner’s representative for CarMax Auto Superstores, Vice President for Colorado Springs downtown partnership until she decided to start her own firm and forge her path. Sarah shares her fun-filled journey in real estate investing, insights to maximizing properties, and her thoughts on policies.

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Vacation Rental Operator and Founder of COSSTRA

Episode 3 – Ryan Spradlin

Ryan Spradlin

“What I enjoy the most is the idea of helping these people make these memories, but the same kind of memories we make when we go to places.” – Ryan

In this episode of the Wake Up Colorado Podcast, our guest is Ryan Spradlin. Married and with two kids, Ryan is an application developer for an insurance company and has worked remotely from home for about 15 years. A trip to Europe inspired he and his wife to rent their house which started them on the path to short-term rentals. Ryan founded Colorado Springs Short-Term Rental Alliance, an organization that provides information and collaboration space for short-term rental owners and operators in Colorado Springs.

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Veteran Founded Mortgage Company

Episode 2 – Troy Reichert

In this episode of the Wake Up Colorado Podcast, our guest is Troy Reichert an Air Force Veteran and owner of The Reichert Mortgage Team LLC based in Colorado Springs. He and his team are very experienced with VA, Conventional, FHA and USDA loans; with over 7 years of experience in the mortgage industry he aims to give his clients great value. Today he will share his journey from the Air Force to the Mortgage Industry.

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Top Yoga Studio in Pueblo

Episode 1 – Amanda Guerrero

Amanda Guerrero

“In order to be a reliable yoga instructor, you have to first be a student, because it is a practice and it is an ever-evolving scene” – Amanda

In this episode of the Wake Up Colorado Podcast, our guest is Amanda Guerrero. Founder of Nova Stella Yoga which was established in 2017 with a clear and simple mission: to share yoga. Amanda shares her journey from an injury which was the catalyst to beginning her yoga practice to starting her studio and school.