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Holistic Regenerative Farm Growing Generational Investments

Episode 15 – Josh and Nick Wagner

The Wagner Family out on Nola Naturals Farm in Avondale, CO

“What we’re applying and what we’re trying to do isn’t just for us to benefit right now. It’s so that many other people after I’m old, and all that, it’s still here” – Nick

“You’re reacting a lot when it comes to dealing with nature.” – Josh

“We can take all those lessons, the good stuff, and the bad stuff and either apply or not apply. There’s still so much we have to learn, but all we can do is get up every day and try and do it right.” – Nick

In this episode of the Wake-Up Colorado Podcast, our guests are Josh and Nick Wagner of Nola Natural Farms. Both Josh and Nick started out in the culinary world and Nick then became interested in raising poultry and so began their journey of creating their pastured poultry operation for the last 7 years. They believe that growing their own food is essential to feeding their entire family. They’ve also opened their home to the community to educate people and share their life experiences.