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New Life for Historic Pueblo Building Fueled by Iron Will

Episode 14 – Nathan Stern and Zach Cytryn

Nathan Stern and Zach Cytryn
“One amazing thing about Pueblo is its incredibly cohesive community. We see the opportunity to help fill in the gaps of the food systems in Pueblo to help make it the world-class food city. That’s our goal.” – Nathan

“We raised money for an organization that hired restaurant employees who lost their jobs. Giving work to people who need it the most, and then doing something to really help the community and give meals to others who lost their jobs during Covid who don’t know where their next meal is coming from.” – Zach

In this episode of the Wake Up Colorado Podcast, our guests are Nathan Stern and Zach Cytryn, Real Estate Associates and founders of the Fuel & Iron Project. Zach grew up wanting to be a real estate broker, while Nathan focused on real estate in grad school. Zach and Nathan met each other at the same commercial brokerage and developed camaraderie which amplified each other’s strengths in helping their clients in the food and beverage industry.